The hospitality of “local production, local consumption”

Indulge in the savors of local tastes

Indulge in the savors of local tastes

“Lake delicacies” from Biwa, and “Mountain delicacies” from Hieizan and Suzuka. Savor best, local “seasonal goodness”.

Rare, local Traditional vegetables

Rare, local
Traditional vegetables

BIWA HANAKAIDO is said to be “a deli inn” providing great local foods from Shiga, and Lake Biwa.

Delicacies from Lake Biwa

Delicacies from
Lake Biwa

Fish from Lake Biwa
Crucian carp sushi, simmered willow gudgeon and sweet fish- everything is originated locally in Omi.

Omi beef, Shiga’s signature.

Omi beef,
Shiga’s signature.

And, omi beef, the well-known premium beef brand.
Japanese wagyu with excellent genes of baby cows nurtured with the clean air, crystalline water, and love in ranches in Shiga, that’s “Omi beef”.

Seasonal course meals, special meals.

Seasonal course meals, special meals.
the traditions,

The fresh tastes of Shiga is unlike any other sensation you could find in other places. Great dining experience of lake delicacies and farm-fresh foods from nearby villages.

Course meals in the four seasons.

Premium BIWAKO HANAKAIDO monthly kaiseki meal courses for any seasons. From sashimi of sea delicacies to quality Omi beef, savour goodness and our chef recommendation.

Special meals

Chef’s recommendation

Chef’s recommendation

Omi deli, with traditions and excellence

Omi and Lake Biwa are the treasure lands of the freshest food ingredients in any season.
We, BIWA HANAKAIDO, consider serving our guests with foods in premium quality our daily mission, as the Japanese saying goes- “Run for the best food in the season for the utmost enjoyment”.

Satoshi Nakagawa, hotel chef

We believe that our mission is to impress our guests with great tastes. We only make use of the utmost quality food ingredients, and prepare them with our heart. We strike for the better here at “BIWA HANAKAIDO”, all for your enjoyment.

Satoshi Nakagawa,
hotel chef

About Omi beef

Omi beef

Premium “Omi beef”

About Omi beef

Premium “Omi beef”

“Omi beef” is the pride of Shiga. It’s one of the best wagyu, and said to be the oldest beef of all in Japan.
The melting point of the meat fat is low, with fragrance bursts in mouth.

Omi’s local liquors

Omi’s local liquors

With great water and optimal rice,
Omi itself is like a brewery of
premium liquors.

Lake Biwa occupies one sixth of the area in the land of Omi, a basin surrounded by mountains of Suzuka and Ibuki in the east; and Hira and Hiei in the west.
It has been a land of grains since the ancient time, producing a lot of local liquors because of the abundant spring water in the mountain areas.
What about delighting your meal with a bottle of liquor recommended by our okami (landlady)?

A 5-star inn with safe, secure food

“BIWA HANAKAIDO” is approved as A 5-star inn with safe, secure food.

“BIWA HANAKAIDO” is approved as
A 5-star inn with safe, secure food.

We are approved as a 5-star inn with safe, secure food by ‘Japan Food Hygiene Association”.

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